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VAT Returns & Elster

What do you need ELSTER for?

Since January 1st, 2013, the advance sales tax return can only be submitted online via the so-called ELSTER® interface of the tax authorities.

To do this, you must first register with the ElsterOnline portal. As part of the registration, an electronic certificate is generated here that can be used for the electronic submission of the sales tax advance return (and other ELSTER® applications).

For the fully automatic transmission of the UstVA data, it is also necessary that the financial accounting system used, also has a corresponding ELSTER® interface. This is the only way to ensure integrated and error-free transmission.​

The PDG UstV/ ELSTER® interface for the Oracle ERP Cloud

PDG has developed an add-on for the Oracle ERP Cloud that enables you to submit electronic sales tax returns via the ELSTER interface.

This ELSTER-compatible solution is fully integrated into the Oracle ERP Cloud. It accesses the data already recorded from the Oracle ERP Cloud and transmits it electronically to your responsible tax office at the touch of a button.


ELSTER® is a registered trademark of the Free State of Bavaria

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