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Our approach: Minimal Viable Product

Our Key Objective

It is our ultimate objective to deliver a running ERP System, fulfilling the basic requirements approx. four to six month after the project start. In order to do so we follow a phased approach with build-in iteractions. The driving parameters for the phases are:

  • Functional scope

  • Geographical scope / legal entities

  • Third Party Integrations.

Within each phase we are applying the ‘Minimal Viable Product’ (MVP) approach, containing scope definition, analysis, design, setup & development, validation and transition.

A Phased Approach

As part of the initial client assessment we analyse the key requirements and the prioraties of the business. As a result, we do propose a phased implementation where the initial GoLive is scheduled to be achieved after 4-6 month. An example for such a phased approach:

Project Execution with ATLASSIAN​
Task Management & Documentation
  • For task management, scheduling and documentation we leverage the leading Atlassian toolset Jira & Confluence

    • Customer key stakeholders are granted access to the system over course of the project free of charge

    • After project completion all documentation will be exported and handed over to the customer

Delivery & Acceptance
  • at the end of each project phase a formal acceptance has to be provided by the customer via the project task management system (Jira)

Project Governance & Reporting

Meeting & Reporting Schedule:

  • Weekly project status calls

  • Monthly steering committee calls & project status report (Financial, Timing & Other)

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